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The Blessing of Cancer

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

You may be asking, "How could Cancer be a blessing?" When the doctor says, "You have Cancer", the heart begins to skip a beat and we must remind ourselves to breathe.

After the shock wears off and we come back from the fact that our world has seemingly just spun out of our control, we ask ourselves, " What does it all mean?'.

Perhaps we ask, "Why me?" or "Will I survive?". Yes, these questions often fly into our minds first but eventually we must ask the deeper questions. Beginning with, "How did this happen?".

Science has shown that toxins can weaken our physical bodies opening the doorways that manifest Cancer. Our lifestyle choices in the United States have not been conducive to having a healthy body and mind. This disconnection between our body's health and wellbeing and the rise in chronic disease is clearly seen in the numbers reflected at the website of the CDC's National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. The numbers are alarming at best. 6 in 10 Adults in the U.S. have chronic disease and 4 in 10 have more than 2 chronic diseases.

The question now arises, "Is Cancer a plague only reflecting the physical and genetic toxic causes or is there something more?". I would like to recommend a book entitled "The Body Never Forgets" by Kim Schilling.

My body has learned by heart

What my eyes have long forgotten

Entrusted long ago with deadly visions

These entrenched dark and dangerous secrets

Guarded tightly by those faithful curators inside

Held in jagged pieces by little and big hands.

I feel them there beneath my deadened skin

They use my hollow eyes to peer at the world

Kicking and screaming they feel the pain

Absorbing it, gripping it for the coward in me

My body shakes and trembles for them

I cannot escape completely, as we are one.

Too big to be remembered for fear of consuming me

Too big to be forgotten for they won’t let me

Only in my dreams they haunt my tranquility

Moaning and weeping I see unrecognizable terror

Awakening to little ones crying and big ones irate

Fighting with myself I refuse to hear their messages.

The wall of resistance deadens their ghostly wails.

Walking onward with ambivalence through the day.

My skin crawls with remnants of yesterday’s pain.

Desperate clawing at my skull reminds me again.

Evil that escapes my youthful mind is evil the body never forgets.

By Kim Schilling

Our bodies store our pains, our fears, our anger and our disappointments inside the body's organs and facia. If we are angry our liver will store the anger. If we are grieving our lungs will store the grief. More times than not cancer are thoughts of anger unresolved. Our body vehicles can give our mind, our body, and our spirit a teaching resource for self-revelation and reconciliation.

The illnesses such as Cancer, are in unison and favorable to self-healing once the mechanism of the destructive influences have been grasped by the individual.

Many have found that Cancer is quite easily healed mentally and is often an excellent teaching tool. It is not unusual that once an individual forgives the other person or circumstances at whom he or she is angry, the cancer will begin to subside.

True healing begins with forgiveness of self and a greater heightening of respect for the self.

This is often conveniently expressed by being mindful of dietary matters. But the deeper part of the healing process is the forgiving process.

In the area of dietary matters, what would be the foods that one would include or exclude resulting in greater care of the body? Cancer can be a psychological nudge, for the body and the mind and the spirit. Thus, it is the care and respect for the self that is the true thing of importance. Learning healthy boundaries and loving the self-enough to set these boundaries,

can be instrumental in the healing process.

Where does one begin to discover the secrets, our body holds and the body's signaling for a release?

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