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"When I was brought to Kathy I was in pretty bad shape. 
I hadn't eaten or gotten out of bed for a 8 days. 
I felt disconnected from everything and couldn't discern reality from my dreams. 
It wasn't any one thing that put me in the position I was in but an amalgamation of everything going on in my life at that time. 
Kathy's solutions are extremely unique due to them being outside of the "box." 

That is what has kept me returning since 2012. 
She has opened my eyes and my mind to healthy alternatives of solving ailments of the human body and mind. She has changed my life in ways I previously would not have thought possible. 
I recommend Kathy's services to anyone who needs healing of the mind, body or the soul."


"Kathy McCommon- There’s nothing common about her. 
She genuinely cares about each of her clients. She works tirelessly to ensure her clients get what they want.
I am a bit of a researcher and I’ve dabbled in holistic health for years. 
I wasn’t really sure if Kathy could add anything to the massive amount of information I had already consumed over the years. 

However, I found Kathy to be more than an information processor. She is a believer. 
She believes in her clients, her process and her products. For me, she convinced me through her sincere heart that I could reach the goals she and I established. 
Before Kathy I hadn’t lost any weight and I was still trying to figure out all the health issues that confronted me. She organized my mind and soul and the weight finally started to decrease.  I’m down 10 lbs in about 2 weeks.
I can only say without Kathy I would have been stuck in a world of information without an implementation plan and would not have accomplished anything. 
She is one of my best decisions. 
Her gentle kindness has caused me to believe in myself and the things 
I can accomplish with the proper nurturance".


"Kathy, is such a kind, knowledgeable and wise spirit.
I have learned so much from her. 
She has helped me a lot in my health journey.
Her ability to help me with my allergies by removing them, worked immediately, 
giving me immediate relief.

I was allergic to almost everything and now almost nothing bothers me.
Her treatments have improved my quality of life greatly 
and I am eternally grateful to her."



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