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What Will a Health Coach Do for Me?

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

The world is experiencing a global health crisis, and amid COVID-19, our healthcare system is even more taxed taking care of the chronically ill. Health coaches around the world play a pivotal role in reversing such health crises. In 2017, the US Senate passed a Health and Wellness Coaching Recognition Resolution, a commemorative piece of legislation that recognized the contributions of health and wellness coaches. Now, more than ever, the value of health coaches must be acknowledged and acted on.

You may be asking, “Why would I need an Integrative Health Coach?”

We have an aging population with serious chronic health conditions. Many Americans are overweight and consistently sedentary. Our doctors often only have 5 to 7 minutes to spend with each patient — just enough time to run a few tests and prescribe a pharmaceutical. Because our medical system favors specialization, only one organ system at a time may be addressed.

Health coaching is designed to help people figure out what their personal health and wellness issues are. They discover how each area is affecting them holistically. Then they develop intuitive strategies to overcome each issue. Some of the issues that a health coach addresses are stress, weight, gut, sleep and beliefs that stand in their way to living a full and joyful life. Health coaches can and do lower the risk of chronic disease.

Most of us know what we should be eating or how we should be exercising but we implement these healthy habits sporadically or not at all. Others do not know how to maintain their health, or they are confused by conflicting information. A health coach is supportive and able to focus on the health and diet information that applies to the individual. Such step-by-step tools create constructive changes in their health and wellbeing. Not only is the client impacted, but so is each following generation in the individual’s family lineage.

My health coaching philosophy is: “By impacting one person through education, I can impact generations to come and be instrumental in improving national and global health.” Being healthy does not have to be complicated! Living by the 80/20 rule gives each person room to live a full, fun, and abundant life.

Typically, my clients meet with me twice a month for about an hour. We meet via Zoom. The program lasts anywhere from 3 months to 6 months or longer, depending on the individual’s needs.

To schedule a health strategy session

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