What We Do

Whole Holistic Wellness is a Holistic Wellness Practice specializing in natural healing practices. We believe that the whole person is a consolidation of different parts that

are dependent on one another.

If one part is not working properly, all the other parts of the person will be affected. This causes people to have imbalances (physical, emotional, or spiritual) in their lives. These imbalances negatively affect overall health. 

Though modern medicine cures the symptoms of infirmity, it often damages other areas of the body. This causes more damage than good. 


At Whole Holistic Health, we revive the body so it can heal itself naturally. From hands on healing techniques to our personal learning sessions, we provide the environment for the body to heal itself.


Our practice uses practices such as Homeopathic remedies, TKMT, Reiki, and Theta. In addition to our personalized wellness sessions, we offer wellness packages to aid our clients in their journey to healthy. Our packages include

A 12 session in depth program, that provides an in depth evaluation of your total body. In this program you will explore "YOU" as a whole. We will design an individualized Eating and Exercising Protocol based on results from your physical, emotional, and nutritional well being. You will learn the secrets to buying and eating healthy food, as well as explore your internal beliefs that hold you back from accomplishing your personal goals.

An 9 session basic program that teaches on total holistic practices. This package overviews the basics of healthy holistic living. In this program you will learn to identify the fat cell feeders and will begin to truly understand and experience the benefits of a holistic lifestyle.

A 3 session program for those who struggle with Anxiety and other emotional afflictions.  In this program you will learn tricks and secrets to comforting your body immediately when you feel anxiety coming for a visit. You will explore some of your basic beliefs that lead to feelings of anxiety

A 6 session program where you will learn how to use food for your overall benefit. You will discover foods that allow you to nourish yourself, as well as heal. You will learn how different foods affect your individual body based on your blood type and total make-up.. 

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