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"Lets Heal the Holistic Way"


Kathy McCommon, Founder

"Being healthy doesn't have to be hard"
Certified Integrative Health Coach
Theta Practitioner
Reiki Master 



Kathy McCommon is an award winning Certified Integrative Health Coach specializing in the analysis of nutrition and the impact it has on  wellness. 


   Clients thrive in their lives by integrating natural solutions that create optimal health in all aspects of their wellbeing.

Kathy has dedicated her career to designing holistic lifestyle guides for those  who struggle with the health challenges of living in today's global environment.


At Whole Holistic Wellness,

we believe that each of us have gifts that support our

desires to serve and care

for those around us 

spouses, children, family, friends

while prioritizing our personal wellness goals. 

The first step to healing

is a desire and commitment 

to learn how to nourish and care for your body to

live your best life.    

 Our  clients know that something must change but they

are confused and overwhelmed

with the magnitude of their health challenges.   

They are facing declining health 

and effective treatments seem elusive. 

Many of our clients have preferred a more holistic lifestyle

but their current health needs

are more than they can make sense of.

When working with the

 Whole Holistic Wellness team,

you will learn how your individual body heals.

All appointments are virtual enabling us

to serve the Global community

in the comfort of their own homes.

We offer Individualized

-Dietary and lifestyle changes

-Lab test 

 -Formulated supplementation

-Gentle detox programs


-Daily Protocol Plan

Our clients are renewed.



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